How do I know if this program is right for me?

We’ve designed this program to cover any relationship issues you may be having. Whether you are planning to get engaged, have been married for 10 years, or anywhere in between, this program is for you! Our experts are ready to meet you wherever you are, today.

Does my partner also have to enroll in the program?

This program was designed for individuals, like you, who are ready to take matters into their own hands. You are half of your relationship, which gives you a lot of potential to influence how it goes. We’ll teach you proven strategies to work with what you have to meet any goal that you set your heart to.

Is this program different from regular therapy?

Yes. While the structure of the sessions resembles regular therapy, this program is focused specifically on enhancing the quality of your most intimate relationships. It is more condensed and goal-oriented than traditional therapy.

Do I have to prepare for this program?

Come as you are! It may be helpful to think of your goals and objectives before starting the relationship program, but this is not a requirement.

How will this program improve my physical health?

Our physical and emotional health are closely tied to one another. Studies show that people in unhappy or toxic relationships are at higher risk of developing physical health issues, including high blood pressure, weakened immune systems, digestive problems, heart disease, insomnia, and obesity. Resolving emotional issues therefore leads to a higher quality of life, not just at the mental, but also physical, level!

How do I reschedule or cancel a session?

To reschedule or cancel a session, we require at least a 24-hour notice. To do so, you need to click on the session and choose the “rescheduling” or “canceling” option from “Home” and “Confirm.” If you are trying to reschedule within 24 hours of the session, the system will only allow you to cancel, and you will be charged for the full session.

Do I have to attend all six sessions?

We suggest that you attend all six sessions to maximize the effectiveness of the program.

I have other questions, who can I ask?

You can chat with us by clicking on the support button in the bottom right corner, or email us at customercare@ayadihealth.co