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Ayadi’s experienced counsellors speak your language and have lived with the unique culture and traditions of the Middle East – if anyone can understand what you are going through, it’s them. We also have a wide range of therapists, clinicians, and counsellors who are trained in everything from cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic therapy, to existential and mindfulness-based practices. Rest assured, there will be a therapist who is right for your individual needs.

Relationships go through ups and downs – and sometimes they need a little outside help. Connect with a therapist who can help you identify challenges, resolve misunderstandings, and make your relationship stronger than before.
Trauma is different for everyone – whether there has been a recent death, a dramatic upheaval, or a distressing event in your life, everyone needs help coping with trauma. Talking to someone qualified and empathetic can help you overcome these challenges.
Families are kept together by relationships – and we all know that sometimes our relationships and how we communicate with family members can become complicated. Learn how to communicate more effectively with your family through therapy.
Have you been feeling nervous about something you can’t explain? Does everything feel exhausting? You may be experiencing anxiety or depression. Therapy can help you find ways to cope with feelings that are stopping you from living your life.
Are you feeling the effects of drinking or drug use in your life? Are all of your thoughts directed towards the next time? Therapy for addiction can give you the tools to break out of the cycle and start to finally live your life on your terms.
It is easy to develop toxic perspectives towards food – and sometimes we let those feelings affect our lives. If you have an eating disorder, a therapist can help you make positive, healthy associations with both food and your body.

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