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The journey to happiness always starts with the first step. Ayadi is here to take that step with you by connecting you with qualified, bilingual, and experienced therapists via video sessions on our secure mobile app.

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You can do therapy on Ayadi with total confidence. Therapists are non-judgemental and all of your conversations are confidential. You can also choose to be anonymous.

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Impactful therapy relies on building strong connections with both your therapist and yourself. Our therapists speak Arabic & English, and understand our unique culture & traditions.

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The journey to your happiness should make sense to you. We made sure our therapists’ rates are affordable and reasonable – with sessions starting from 10 KD / 129 SAR.

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Ayadi is available on Android, iOS, or your computer so that you can speak to your therapist at any time and in any place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ayadi?

Ayadi is an online therapy platform for mental health in the Middle East. We connect clients who need support to therapists who are able to help them. Our network of highly qualified therapists are all certified, vetted, and easily accessible from either your computer or smartphone.

What can I expect with counseling or therapy?

Counseling or therapy is a professional relationship between a certified therapist and you. In life, it can be difficult to see beyond our own limitations. Counseling provides an outside perspective and helps you to find solutions to improve your daily life from an unbiased, non-judgmental, and professional perspective.

Do I need counseling or therapy?

Anyone can benefit from counseling. Think of it as a tool-kit for life: whether you struggle with managing relationships, anxiety and depression, or difficult situations when life gets stressful, counseling can not only help you learn about what you’re feeling, but also why you’re feeling it, and how to navigate it.

Are Ayadi therapists qualified?

Yes. All of our therapists are professional, certified, and vetted. We only work with therapists who have completed the necessary education, have at least three years of hands-on experience, and have positive references from previous employers.. Whether they’re located regionally or overseas, all of our clinicians have all been selected in accordance with the same overarching goal: to help the people of our region.

How is my privacy protected?

In therapy, confidentiality is sacred. As such, there is nothing that we take more seriously than your privacy. We use Amazon servers to ensure that your personal information and communications are encrypted and stored securely with the highest levels of privacy through being fully HIPAA compliant. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability and is the most respected global standard for protecting sensitive patient data.

What is the difference between a clinician, a therapist, and a counselor

As you can no doubt tell on our website, we tend to use these phrases interchangeably as they all refer to a mental wellness professional who is qualified to engage in therapy sessions with individuals. However, there are differences in terms of how each one is qualified. Clinicians are at a doctoral level and sometimes have psychiatric training, therapists have psychotherapy training, and counsellors will have a Master’s degree in counselling. We use all three terms on our website simply because we have many of each qualification, so we want to include all three titles

I’m nervous about investing in my mental health - how much does Ayadi cost?

Ayadi’s prices are based on the experience and qualification of the therapist you choose, but we make sure that each session is affordable, with the average session costing as little as 10 KD. However, if you’re a little nervous to start investing in your mental health, consider how much you invest in your physical health – like gym memberships and healthy meals. Your mental health is equally important, yet is so often neglected.