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Mental healthcare is a lot like physical healthcare – it is based on science and our understanding of it is constantly evolving. To keep you up to date, we’ve started a blog to discuss some of the most common topics and the newest discoveries about therapy and mental health.

9 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Here are 9 signs you might not be getting enough sleep, along with tips on having better sleep hygiene.

6 Mental Health Conditions That Look Different in Women

Women’s mental health has always been an issue of grave importance, even before the pandemic hit us. So let’s look at some facts about mental health issues they face today.

9 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Are you curious about the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships? For starters, couples will consistently love and support each other in healthy relationships even if they don’t always agree on everything. While it’s definitely not the case in unhealthy relationships. Here are 9 signs your in a healthy relationship!

The 5 Stages of Addiction 

Addiction is is a chronic dysfunction of the brain system, which involves reward, motivation, and memory. Learn about the 5 stages of addiction.

How To Set SMART Goals

Do you also find it hard to stick to your new year’s resolutions? You’re not alone. Here are some great tips on setting realistic goals and following through with them over the year.

50 Easy Self-Care Ideas!

It can be easy to forget making ourselves a priority… If you’re a person that is constantly putting others first, then ask yourself this: When was the last time you put yourself first? Last week? Last month? You might not even remember, but that’s okay because you’re not alone. Here’s a list of 50 easy self-care ideas that you can do daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. 

14 Anxiety Grounding Exercises

Familiarize yourself with this list of 14 grounding techniques to help yourself become a more relaxed and better equipped to deal with whatever life and anxiety might throw your way.

6 ways to secure privacy for your online therapy session

We know that finding a privacy at home to have your therapy session can be difficult, so here are a few tips on how you can have your session privately.

How to convince someone they need therapy?

It can be very difficult to watch someone you love and care about struggle with their mental health; it’s even worse when you’re sure that they would absolutely benefit from getting professional therapy. Here are 5 things to remember when you tell your loved ones they need therapy

9 Symptoms of Psychosomatic Symptoms Disorder

A closer look at what psychosomatic symptoms disorder is, its symptoms, risk factors, complications, along with ways to treat it as well as prevent it. 

9 Signs Your Mental Health is Getting Better

Here’s a list of 9 signs that you might be able to quickly notice in your thoughts and behavior after seeing a therapist or getting out of a problematic situation that might have affected your mental health.

How to Find the Best Therapist for Me

Here are 3 tried and tested steps you can take to finding the right therapist for you. Welcome to the beginning of your healing journey! We know finding the right therapist can be quite a process, let alone the challenges of overcoming the anxiety and stigma around seeking mental healthcare in our region. (You got this!) … Continue reading How to Find the Best Therapist for Me

Coping With Bipolar Disorder During Coronavirus

Bipolar disorder – formerly known as manic depression – is a type of mood disorder that involves intense periods of both depression and mania. Depressive states are marked by symptoms like persistent sadness or low mood, chronic fatigue and loss of interest in daily activities. Manic phases, on the other hand, usually include long bouts … Continue reading Coping With Bipolar Disorder During Coronavirus

How to Get Treatment for Depression

Sadness is a natural part of the human range of emotions. But if these feelings become persistent or oppressive, and disrupt your daily life, they may be a sign of depression.

6 Positive Potentials in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, there’s room for incredible positive possibilities. Margaret Drabble sums it up beautifully: “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” The past few weeks have seen most of the world’s countries go into some form of a lockdown, with terms like ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distancing’ a part of our new vocabulary. Coronavirus … Continue reading 6 Positive Potentials in Times of Crisis

5 Ways to Embrace Uncertainty

The current state of the world is marked largely by uncertainty. Suddenly finding ourselves in unfamiliar territory, and not yet knowing what the future holds, can give rise to a number of uncomfortable emotions. When a world that once felt predictable becomes a world full of unknowns, it’s easy to feel out of control. Many … Continue reading 5 Ways to Embrace Uncertainty

Do I Need Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to stress. When worrying becomes excessive and persistent and starts to interfere with daily life, it may be time to consider options for treating it.