9 Signs Your Mental Health is Getting Better

Signs Your Mental Health is Getting Better دلالات أن صحتك النفسية تحسنت

Here’s a list of 9 signs your mental health is getting better.

You will quickly notice these changes in your thoughts and behaviors after seeing a therapist or getting out of a situation that might have affected your mental health.

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  • You’re less irritable
  • You have better hygiene
  • You tackle chores you put off
  • You’re interested in hobbies & socializing
  • You have a healthier appetite
  • You challenge your irrational thoughts
  • You have a better self-image
  • You set boundaries
  • You inudge in self-care
  • How to get there?

1. You’re less irritable

As your mental health starts to feel better, you might notice that you have more patience, understanding, and tolerance towards yourself and others. You know that other people’s behaviors don’t reflect on you, and you understand why certain behaviors provoked you and learn to avoid them to maintain your mental health.

2. You have better hygiene

Your ability to keep up with your personal hygiene can sometimes deteriorate when you’re mentally unwell. Therefore, as your mental health improves, you may notice that you start taking care of your personal hygiene and appearance again. You start to enjoy wearing clothes you like, brushing your hair, taking showers, brushing your teeth, and much more on a more regular basis.

3. You tackle chores you put off

You find yourself having the energy to complete the tasks and chores you might have put off while feeling unwell. You’re energized, and you’re not hindered by physical fatigue or procrastination that might have held you back before.

4. You’re interested in hobbies & socializing

You have the energy and interest to participate in your favorite activities and hobbies. You start to become more social again and are excited to regularly spend more time with your friends and family.

5. You have a healthier appetite

Anxiety triggers emotional and psychological changes in your body to help you cope with the pressure. These changes often affect your stomach and digestive system and can make you lose your appetite. So when your mental health is getting better, you notice that you have a healthier appetite. You start to enjoy eating healthy food, and you listen to your body’s needs when you’re hungry and full.

6. You challenge your irrational thoughts

You know how important it is to confront your negative thoughts with the right tools that you might have gained from therapy. You reflect on their sources and overcome them without letting them affect your feelings and behaviors for too long.

7. You have a better self-image

You stop treating yourself and your thoughts harshly, but quite the contrary, your self-talk is kind, tolerant, and compassionate.

8. You set boundaries

Your mental health has become your priority, so you don’t feel guilty when drawing boundaries with those around you. You know it’s not to push them away but to keep them in with more respect and awareness. You know very well that setting boundaries are an essential tool to help you maintain personal relationships around you while maintaining your mental health.

9. You indulge in self-care

You realize the value of taking care of your mental health through daily simple self-care practices such as exercising regularly, ensuring you sleep well, resting after a long day, and even drinking enough water every day.

How To Get There?

You need to put in the effort to maintain good mental health. This includes educating yourself about mental health topics that interest you and working to change your behavior and thoughts. One of the easiest ways to help you have better mental health is to work with a therapist.

Therapists help clients through difficult times and teach them the strategic tools they need to live balanced lives. 

Download Ayadi today, and let us match you with a therapist that fits your needs. 

With a network of over 50 qualified bilingual therapists who understand our culture and traditions, you can access high-quality mental health care that is affordable and 100% confidential.

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