6 ways to secure privacy for your online therapy session

How to secure privacy - طرق الحفاظ على السرية والخصوصيةو

We know that finding a private environment at home to have your therapy session can be difficult, so here are a few tips on how you can have your session privately.

If you’ve chosen to get professional mental health care through an online platform like Ayadi, then you might be struggling like many others in finding privacy at home to have your sessions in comfort.

It could be challenging if you’re approaching sensitive topics and you’re suddenly feeling more self-conscious about anyone at home overhearing you.

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  • Soundproof your room
  • Use audio only
  • Take a walk
  • Use your car
  • Borrow a space
  • Workaround schedules

1. Soundproof your room

If you have a private room at home but others may overhear you, try wearing headphones with a built-in microphone that will be close to your mouth when talking. This way, you won’t have to speak loudly for your therapist to hear you, and someone outside the room will overhear you.

Another way to ensure no one hears you is to stuff a towel or blanket along the bottom of your room door for soundproofing. In addition, you can play white noise or other background sounds near the room entrance to an added effect.

Other alternatives include having your session from your bathroom or closet, in which you can have them audio-only if that makes you more comfortable.

2. Use audio only

Ayadi sessions are conducted through video calls. However, you can always turn off the video and turn the session into an audio call. This can give you the flexibility to find true privacy, especially if you are not comfortable having these conversations at home where someone might overhear you.

With service on your phone or iPad, you can attend your sessions anywhere!

3. Take a walk

Since sessions can be audio-only, plug in your headphones to your phone or tablet and go for a walk. It’s a great way to stretch your legs, get a change of scenery, and secure your privacy. Just be careful of your surroundings so you don’t step into a hole or bump into something while talking. Walk around or to a relatively private outdoor area like an empty park to have your session in private.

4. Use your car

If you have a car, turn it into your private therapy office while it’s parked! We absolutely do not recommend you have your session while driving since your full attention will not be on your driving. Cars have excellent soundproofing, so make sure you have service on your phone, get in your car parked in the garage or on the street corner, and no one will be able to hear you in your vehicle.

If you don’t have a car, borrow a trusted friend or relative’s car and have your session in peace.

5. Borrow space

If you’re back to working from an office, use an empty meeting room during your lunch break or right after working hours for your sessions.

Similarly, if you’re back to your college or university campus, use an empty study room at the library or an empty classroom to talk to your therapist. 

6. Workaround schedules

If you’re still worried about being overheard after trying the recommendations above, ask your therapist if you can schedule sessions outside of their regular hours to a time when others in your household aren’t there. 

You can do that on Ayadi by talking to any of our client care guides, and they will do their best to find you sessions that accommodate your timings in the best way possible.

A final note

It’s definitely possible to have privacy at home; you just need to get creative with it sometimes. Remember that therapy should not add to your stress but help alleviate it. So if getting privacy in any of the ways above will help you feel less stressed or anxious about talking to your therapists freely, then it’ll be worth it to try the suggestions out!

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